Primordial, Moonsorrow & Der Weg einer Freiheit at Islington Assembly Hall Monday 16th April

primordial april18-2.jpg

It’s 6:30pm on a Monday and I’m stood in Islington’s Assembly Hall with a few hundred other people about to see Germany’s Der Weg einer Freiheit, the band who released the best album of 2017, Finisterre (buy it).  They wasted no time in flying through a healthy 45 minute set of fast & melodic black metal with tracks from Finisterre and Stellar.  Der Weg einer Freiheit have created a sound which is built for bigger venues, like the Assembly Hall, with their perfect blend of brutality and beauty – within 3 years they’ll be headlining this venue and it’ll be fully deserved.

primordial april18-7.jpg

Next up is Finnish pagan metal band Moonsorrow.  I’ll be honest, I’m really not in to goblin, middle earth, folk metal so I decided to focus on the positives:

  • Corpse
  • They used lots of smoke
  • The crowd seemed to like them
  • The drummer was using a Britney Spears head mic and was wearing a du rag

primordial april18-8.jpg

Last up were headliners, Irish celtic metal legends, Primordial.  With well received new album, Exile Amongst The Ruins, they took the stage to a rammed Assembly Hall.  The sound was great, the band were tight and vocalist Nemtheanga necked red wine from the bottle whilst looking like the black metal version of a silver guy who hangs out in Covent Garden.  Great gig, especially for a Monday.

Words: Smittens
Photos: Ardo Cotones


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