Photo by Sebastian Ludvigsen

Mortiis’ ‘Perfectly Defect‘ album which was originally released as a limited download album only in 2010 during the European comeback tour with fellow industrial stalwarts Combichrist and has since been long out of print, will be re-issued 1st June 2018 via Mortiis‘ own label Omnipresence Records.

Pre-orders are available now from the stores below, and for a limited time only, anyone that preorders the album directly from the Mortiis Webstore will also gain instant access to the full ‘The Perfect Reject’ release, a free digital 11 song remix album containing reworked versions from ‘Perfectly Defect’.

In addition, Mortiis is offering fans 3 free instant grat teaser tracks from the ‘The Perfect Reject’ remix album which can be accessed here:


PERFECTLY DEFECT‘ 2018 track-listing:

1. Closer to the End

2. Perfectly Defect

3. The Sphere

4. Sensation of Guilt

5. Sole Defeat

6. Thieving Bastards

7. The Punished

8. Halo of Arms

9. Impossible to Believe

10. This Absolution

11. Hermaphro Superior

12. Contrition

For more information on all things Mortis please check out the official website



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