Manchester Punk Festival 2018 Preview


The sun is shining, the time off is booked, and Manchester Punk Festival 2018 is about to begin!

MPF began in 2016 and has grown into a wondrous thing to behold. Last year was my first one in which i mistakenly drank too much on the Friday night and had to tap out on the Saturday at around tea time, which was gutting for me as I missed some fantastic bands. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS YEAR.

The line-up is stellar. Not only are Death By StereoPropagandhi, Lightyear and Random Hand playing this year, I’m itching to see Chewing On Tinfoil, the return of Beat The Red Light and Stand Out Riot, but also see what local legends Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man have in store for their final set at MPF ever.

Last year, one of the most enjoyable things for me was the covers set afterparty. I’m expecting to have a great time again there this year, with Green DayOasis, and many others being imitated and probably bettered.

Words cannot express how excited I am to cover the event on behalf of Atom Smasher Music, I plan to post my thoughts on tonight’s music tomorrow and I’ll follow that pattern until the finish. I won’t be giving the sets I see a rating, it’s not about that. I won’t be able to cover every band either because I am just one man, and deeply flawed. I will be taking pictures of who I’ve seen, they’ll be done on my phone which means they won’t be the best and I’m not apologising for that.

See you there!

MPF 18


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