10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Nate Lewis Of Petrichor


My Dying Bride – Your River.

One of the first doom tracks that properly grabbed me and sent me on a bit of a journey, discovering the rest of MDB catalogue and Anathema, Paradise Lost etc. Also led me to discovering a wave of European doom bands who all became quite a big influence. Contains my single favourite song lyric from any song ever. “It’s sad that, in our blindness we gather thorns for flowers”

Mourning Beloveth – Nothing (The March of Death).

20 minutes of doom perfection. This song is pretty much the blueprint for what I feel doom is. Mournful lead lines, crushing heaviness, a perfect mix of vocal styles etc. The harsh vocals in this are potentially the biggest single influence on me vocally, which is perhaps most obvious on our song Nihilist which has prolonged syllables within the growls.

Anathema – Restless Oblivion.

My introduction to anathema, courtesy of Tommy Vance’s show on VH1 which I used to sneak downstairs to watch. I’ve fallen out with Anathema lately as they’ve veered off into a direction that hasn’t gelled with me. Everything up to A Fine Day to Exit is exceptional though.

Propagandhi – Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass

One of the first songs I ever learned on bass and one of the first punk bands that grabbed me. Became a much more aggressive band on their later albums, pushing further into metal territories but this album and song always have a place in my heart. Perfect mix of punk aggression and ska/reggae basslines and swings.

At the Gates – Blinded by Fear

Favourite riff in metal. A riff that kicked off an entire genre. Saw them live recently and was hugely disappointed, as it felt like a band going thru the motions Inna very clinical way. Slaughter of the Soul however will always be a slice of melodeath perfection.

John Lennon – Imagine

Probably my first foray into music on my own accord. Found a tape in my mum’s collection when I was young and probably wore it out listening to it repeatedly. Something about it just clicked with me and it kick-started my exploration into more alternative and guitar led music.

Napalm Death – It’s a M.A.N.S World

Like being kicked in the mouth with noise. FETO was one of the first albums I went out and bought myself, based entirely on the name and cover. Haven’t looked back since.

Fear Factory – Edgecrusher

Fear Factory at their peak imo. Perfect blend of melody and aggression. Burton C Bell has a lot to answer for when it comes to bands blending clean and harsh vocals. Exceptional drumming throughout and a lot of the glimpses of the bursts of absolute aggression followed by incredibly clean, melodic sections that Fear Factory became known for.

Danzig – How the Gods Kill

This entire album was a brilliant exercise in mixing blues and metal/rock. Darker than the previous albums and just before Danzig started losing his touch. This song in particular is a brilliant encapsulation of the album. Slow, melodic buildup and it kicks off into this massive, heavy, bluesy riff coupled with his trademark voice.

Acid Bath – Scream of the Butterfly

I fucking love Dax Riggs. Literally everything he’s done. Acid Bath are one of the few sludge bands I give a fuck about. Mixture of full on tar thick sludge riffs and weird lyrics and his unmistakeable voice. This is one of the more melodic songs on this album, but also one of my favourites.



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