10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Tom Clarke Of Deathflux

Deathflux Pic 1.jpg

1. “Creeping Death” by Metallica

This was one of the first Metallica songs I heard that had one of the most epic solos and heaviest riffs I’d heard at the time. The fact the song was also written from the perspective of the Angel of Death and describes the plague of the death of the first born in Exodus 12.29 is metal as fuck.

2. “No One Wins” by The Berzerker

This song changed my life mainly for the reason that is one of the fastest songs I’d ever heard when it was released!

3. “Execration Text” by Nile 

Nile just know how to make any song about ancient Egypt epic: even when the song barely clocks in at 3 minutes. It peaked my interest in ancient history as well.

4. “Spheres of Madness” by Decapitated

When I was growing up, hearing this for the first time made me realise that death metal could be heavy and technical without having to rely solely on blastbeats all the time. Looking back on it now, it’s kind of obvious but when you’re young and getting into the heavier side of things but most of the music I was listening to when I was younger was generally quite fast haha. This track made me appreciate the groove a lot more.

5. “Far Beyond the Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen

Listening to it now doesn’t quite have the same impact but again when I was first starting to play guitar, this track made me appreciate what could be achieved on a fender strat. The fact that phrasing on the track was classically influenced (mainly by Bach and Paganini) and yet lyrical was awesome!

6. “Caprice No. 5: Agitato” by Nicolo Paganini

Not metal at all haha. This piece still raises hair on the back of neck as is so wonderfully phrased. The arpeggios at the start, through to the transition to the semi riff-based runs on the main part of the piece and then finishing off the with arpeggios again makes it epic for such a short piece.

7. “Self Bias Resistor” by Fear Factory

Done by one of all time favourite bands. How the kick drums and guitar lock in throughout this are a lesson for metal rhythm playing!

8. “Curse You All Men!” by Emperor

As you can tell by now, I like certain epic songs and this is no exception. From the high pitched scream at the start to the main riff with the keys portraying an orchestral backing, all making this song so damn heavy!

9. “Curator” by Ne Obliviscaris

This is fairly recent in comparison to the previously mentioned songs. However, Ne Obliviscaris are able to meld a lot of the best bits about metal and seem to create a style all their own, making it very hard to pigeonhole them.

10. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom” by The Vengaboys 

No other reason than it’s so ridiculously cheesy and out of place in any context: especially when drunk at 3am haha!

Execrated Artwork - Lo Res 1.png

Deathflux upcoming new album ‘Execrated’ is due for release on 30th April.

For more information please check out the bands official Facebook page HERE


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