10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Between The Lines

Between The Lines Promo Shot.jpg

Deaf Havana – Hunstanton Pier

When he was younger our lead guitarist Adam
spent a lot of summers in Hunstanton with his grandparents and family, he
stumbled across the song shortly after he lost his Grandad a few years ago
and it instantly touched him, Deaf Havana have been his favourite band since

Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio

It’s the sort of song that is filled with emotion,
doesn’t really sound like any other song, great lyrics, simple song and a
great ending.

Chunk? No, Captain Chunk! – Captain Blood

This is one of the first song
that got us into Chunk, a heavy song that’s fast paced and just fun to
listen to.

Trash Boat – The Guise Of A Mother

A powerful song, a lot of emotion in
the vocals with hard hitting instrumental melodies with a huge ending.

WSTR – Lonely Smiles

This song is the epitome of new wave pop punk, fast,
up beat, melodic and bouncy…

Neck Deep – Kali Ma

Again, it’s pure new wave pop punk and super fun..
plus Indiana Jones references are always a welcome bonus…

Four Year Strong – Find My Way Back

Powerful heavy riffs and vocals mixed
in with face paced melodies, everything that makes Four Year Strong

BETWEEN THE LINES debut mini-EP ‘To The Wind’  is due out on Friday 6th July


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