10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Dan Dolby Of Mastiff

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  1. Pearly-Dewdrops Drops – Cocteau Twins

This song reminds me of my childhood as it was on pretty much constant rotation by my Dad. It was the first song that really affected me on an emotional level that I’ve looked for in music ever since. Liz Fraser’s ethereal vocals cannot be beat in my opinion.

  1. Hammer Smashed Face – Cannibal Corpse

This track first introduced me to HEAVY! I’ll never forget the first time I heard it on Headbanger’s Ball and wondering what the fuck I was listening to! It was a turning point really as it led me on the path towards extreme metal. Oh, and it’s in Ace Ventura so what’s not to love about it!

  1. Milquetoast- Helmet

That fucking riff! Close to being the perfect track in my opinion. It was so different to anything I’d heard up to that point. From the driving bass to the guitar sounds in the background during the first verse, it blew my mind. I wanted to be in Helmet so bad, in fact I still do! Page Hamilton, if you’re reading this hit me up! Hahaha!

  1. Brand New Colony – The Postal Service

I went to see The Postal Service with my wife on the Give Up 10th Anniversary Tour and it was such a special night. When they played Brand New Colony I’ve never experienced a feeling like it at a gig. It was the closest I have come to a religious experience and I’m an atheist! It also prompted me to start writing electronic music. Which was nice

  1. The Art of Coffins – Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

This was the first BUDCOG track I’d heard and it was my chance when I was working at HMV back in 2004. I was stunned. It was the first time I’d heard a track that could be heavy without being metal. I’ve loved the band ever since and recently bought an electric double bass. I’m still trying to convince the rest of Mastiff to let me use in the band!

  1. Ry Rys Song – Glassjaw

Encapsulates my time at University. Thursday nights. The Friary. Derby. Going fucking mental to this track with my good friend Neil Gregory (he plays in a band called Bad Men. Look them up, they’re good). Good times and a great track.

  1. Mocking Solemnity – Sunn O)))

Another WHAT.THE.FUCK. moment in my life happened when I purchased ‘Flight of the Behemoth’ on a whim after reading an infinity out of 10 review in Terrorizer. Putting the first track on I did not know what was happening but I sure as shit liked it! Another track that made me seek out more experimental forms of music.

  1. Ventolin – Aphex Twin

This track was my first introduction to Aphex Twin back in 1995. My experience of electronic music up until that point was 80’s synth pop (nothing wrong with that, of course) and the dross that was in the charts at the time. This was something completely different. Noisy, melodic, hypnotic. Richard D. James is a genius and I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t agree.

  1. End of Green – Kerbdog

I first saw Kerbdog live when they opened for The Wildhearts and The Almighty at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in the early 90’s and they came on to ‘Earth Angel’ (you know, the one from Back to the Future) before blasting straight in to this beast. At that moment I knew I wanted to be in a band.

  1. The Tracks of my Tears – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

I’m a huge Motown fan. There are so many amazing songs sung by so many amazing artists, but this has always been my favourite. It’s timeless. A simple song about heartbreak that somehow makes you feel happy as fuck! Got me through some hard times. I have a lot to thank this song for.

Mastiff are currently in the process of writing our next album (the first album proper with me on bass) and the songs are killer! I could not have picked a better bunch of miserable cunts (jolly good fellas) to be in a band with. We’re planning on recording later in the summer and hopefully have the album released before the end of the year. It’s gonna be abrasive and noisy and knock your front teeth out with an aural punch.

Oh, and we’ve got the small matter of playing at Desertfest on 5th May. We’re on at The Black Heart. Come say hi!


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