10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Jay Moss Of One Down


Well where to start on this list? In One Down we all have pretty eclectic favourite/life changing tunes, so this is just my list! Haha. Whilst looking back at the list i’ve realised there’s loads of old school stuff and UKHC on there. But when I thought of these songs loads of them are all on our playlists regularly, and it’s music that inspired  me personally.

1. Knuckledust – Choose To Ignore.

Knuckledust headlined the first hardcore show I went to years and years ago, and are still on another level in UKHC. The time won’t heal this album is still the best hardcore album!

2. Arkangel – Within The Walls Of Babylon.

Another band/song that still gets played all the time.. Just one of those songs that is all out aggressive. Seeing them play this song at the Underworld in Camden was rough.

3. Converge – Homewrecker.

I could have chosen pretty much any tune off the Jane Do’ album. Still to this day that album is an insane listen.. Homewrecker personifies the intensity and chaos of Converge.

4. American Nightmare – There’s A Black Hole In The Shadows Of Pru.

One of those songs that made me want to sing in a band. So bouncy and aggro.. I still keep pestering the one down lads to cover this!! Hahaha

5. Stampin Ground – Lesion.

Another old school UKHC track. This came out when nu metal was what everyone was into, so bought this album after seeing them live. So this was my first straight up hardcore/metalcore album. And Lesion is a banger!

6. Xcanaanx – Hollow Sky.

Another homage to early hardcore shows I went to. Xcanaanx were first experience of that harsh edge-metal sound and intensity of few of the straight edge bands from the time.. Watching them play this song at the star and garter with nearly the whole room piling on to sing along was crazy.

7. Bun Dem Out – Soldados.

Another mega aggro tune. But in my opinion one of the best/truest crossover metal/hardcore tracks that mixes both genres without diluting either.

8. TRC – Define Cocky.

I love the first EP they brought out and they’re still one of best UK bands. But Define Cocky personifies that bouncy live vibe TRC have. It’s one of those songs you listen to and think “I wish I’d have written that song” and find yourself singing along to.

9. Morning Again – Martyr.

Another band maybe more than an individual song that influenced me. More so from a lyrical perspective, in that they chose to challenge specific ideas in all their songs. Tough choice but martyr is one of my favourites.

10. Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy.

One of those bands I heard at a young age and was blown away by Zacks voice, lyrics, stage presence. Think Know Your Enemy encapsulates all the ace parts ratm have.


The One Down’s new EP is available as a FREE download over on the bands Bandcamp page aswell as available to stream on YouTube and Soundcloud.



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