Monsterworks Stream New Song “All Truths Be True”


MONSTERWORKS have recently released new track “All Truths Be True,” which is taken from the bands forthcoming album ”Scale and Probability” which is set to be released on 4th May via Eat Lead And Die.

Vocalist/guitarist Jon explains the lyrical content of “All Truths Be True” as follows:

 “All Truths Be True is about the idea that maybe, just maybe, a human being or indeed any sentient intelligence is so individually unique that it creates its own reality. In other words, what if we literally live in a personal universe of our own making? The concept is interwoven with the theme of the album, i.e.The Fermi Paradox, and explores the idea of a transcension hypothesis where, because technology and evolution advances so quickly from the singularity, the opportunity for detecting another intelligence is just too brief. The being we hope to make contact with would have moved out of this plane of existence.”


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