10 Albums That Changed My Life By The Fierce And The Dead Bassist Kevin Feazey


Fierce And The dead’s the long-anticipated third studio album ‘The Euphoric’ is due to be released on the 18th May. So we caught up with bassist Kevin and asked him which 10 Albums Changed His life.

In no particular order here’s his 10 Albums…

1. Iron Maiden – Live After Death
The one that saved/ruined my life. Spent hours listening and re-listening whilst staring at the pictures in the gatefold sleeve. As a kid how could I not look at photos of Steve Harris jumping off a drum riser with pyrotechnics going off behind him without thinking – ‘yeh, I’d like to do that’. The energy from the live shows comes across like an electric shock. One of the best live albums ever recorded.


2. The Band – Music From The Big Pink
I studied this album, it was the first time I’d heard such amazing ensemble playing. Every member had their own thing to do but never stepped on each other’s toes. It showed me what a band should be, all playing towards a common goal – the song. Rick Danko is up there with the greats for me, so in the pocket. And they were also great at creating their own worlds, these almost mythological characters in the songs that really piqued my interest.


3. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown EP
I couldn’t believe how good this was when I first heard. It was one of the first records I really related to. The songs were about real things,  not the fantasy subjects most metal had that I’d been listening to up till then. So hearing Keith Morris screaming out his guts about stuff that I could understand really stuck with me, I still listen to this EP a lot. So much intent!


4. Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dreams
The wall of guitars on this album almost took my head off. I’d never heard anything sound so huge as this – it was heavier yet more melodic, a skill that I had yet to learn, and Siamese Dreams taught me a lot about how to place instrument for maximum effect. The quiet/loud dynamic was used to maximum effect here too, something that never gets old.


5. DJ Shadow – Entroducing
The sound of the early hours to me. So many late nights ended up with a huddle of people round someone’s house listening to this. What he did with this album was, to me, what music is all about. Looking at things from a different perspective – redefining and repurposing. Love this, really opened up my eyes to what could be done.


6. Sugar – Copper Blue
Every track on this is a winner. Starts Up, stays Up. How to write great pop songs that have energy. I’ve seen Bob Mould live several times and I don’t know how he does it. The songs are like punches, he just keeps them coming. Glorious


7. Groundhogs – Thank Christ For The Bomb
A huge influence on my early years. Had all the vibe of the blues but with a twist that many have copied since. Eccentric Man and Soldier are just amazing. Tony McPhee’s guitar arrangements are so good, he’s doing things that no one else was doing at the time. I think you can definitely still hear a lot of that influence in TFATD.


8. At The Drive In – Relationship of Command
This can during a drought of good music and took the roof off. It was like Fugazi with a turbo booster attached. And seeing them live was a real game changer for us. So much energy! I loved the way they seemed to challenge theirselves by fighting the instruments rather than just gliding on technique.


9. NERD – In Search Of
This album is deceptively simple but keeps your interest. I learned a lot about usining minimalism when it comes to rhythms, I think a lot of hip hop, etc, shares the same sort of vibe as some Krautrock. There is value in hitting a good strong groove and riding it all the way in.


10. Monster Magnet – Spine of God
These were a band that were omnipresent in my home town. Someone was always playing them somewhere. This album isn’t as well produced as some of the others but I love it for that. Really raw, great songs played like it’s the end of the world. Wyndorf’s voice is magic to me too.

The Fierce And The Dead have come a long way since their debut release, the Part 1 EP, was released in 2010. The Euphoric is both a re-statement of their signature twin-guitar attack that “rebounds around the gaps between garage rock, prog, highlife and post-hardcore” (Misfit City) and a development of their sound with the addition of synthesized textures. Fans of the band needn’t worry, though; The Euphoric hits as hard as anything the band have ever done in the past!

Says Matt Stevens (guitar): “It’s heavier and more psychedelic, bit more spacey, more synths, more downtuned guitars. Some of the riffs are a bit more straightforward and it’s got one tune on it that is the most complex rhythmically that we’ve done. The Euphoric will be a surprise to some people, we change with each record, we always have”.


Pre-order ‘The Euphoric’ now




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