10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Chris Thomason Of Rival Bones


I’m Chris from the band RIVAL BONES. Although I have a relatively eclectic taste in music from Michael Jackson & Prince to Tool, Tesseract and Madonna, these are all really songs that have influenced and changed my life as a musician. Please check out some of the songs I’ve listed below they really are all amazing songs that I have a massive connection to. Also, if you’re feeling generous you should check out my band RIVAL BONES (www.rivalbones.com). We’ve got a shows up and down the country over the next few months and we’ve just released our latest single SCARS which you can check out here – https://open.spotify.com/track/5nQIydv69gPvSNju2xpz0F

  1. Enter Sandman – Metallica

This is down as my first as it was one of the first songs I ever learnt to play when I picked up the sticks. I used to play on a tiny Yamaha electronic pad set up and the rhythm of the main riff was what stood out so I played along to that rather than the actual drum beat. Such a powerful song and no matter what people say, Metallica will always be AWESOME.

  1. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For – Lamb Of God

This is the song I discovered Chris Adler on. He was a MASSIVE influence on me as a drummer when I was growing up. From age 11 – 17 I played exclusively Lamb Of God songs as practice and warm up. The whole song is great and although I don’t listen to them as much they’re still a great band and I chuck the album on every now and again.

  1. Funky Monks – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another band who I grew up drumming along to. Saw them play at Manchester City Stadium back in 04’ when I was 10 years old. Left a mark on me and I’ll never forget that gig. Much prefer their older stuff and Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik is my favourite of the lot.

  1. Testify – Rage Against The Machine

Rage are one of my all time favourite bands and there where probably 10+ songs I could have chosen. I went for Testify as it’s what they opened with when I saw them for the first time at Download Festival. The experience of seeing them was incredible and again another one I won’t forget. I urge anyone if they ever get the chance to see them. Brad Wilk is an inspiration.

  1. Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin

The only band on here to have 2 songs. Led Zeppelin have had probably the most effect on me as a musician. One of the first videos I remember watching was John Bonham’s Moby Dick drum solo at Albert Hall in 1970. Unreal drumming and the whole song just does everything for me.  

  1. Like A Stone – Audioslave

One of my favourite singers ever is Chris Cornell. I was devastated when he died last year and Like A Stone was an all time banger of a song. Topped off with the fact it’s the rest of Rage Against The Machine backing him up, I could have picked a number of songs if it wasn’t for Cornell’s vocal performance on this.

  1. Lateralus – Tool

A lot of my music taste is down to my dad. He got me into Rock/Metal really early on and I kind of branched off from there. One band he insisted I listened to was Tool but at age 8 it was too out their for me. It’s only been pretty recently that I’ve appreciated Tool (although I’ve been a massive fan of Danny Carey for years). I put on the Lateralus Album and played it all the way through and was blown away. The title song is just a masterpiece for me and it’s one of the only songs where I really don’t ‘notice’ the drums but the music as a whole.

  1. Fool In The Rain – Led Zeppelin

The Bonham Shuffle. One of the greatest drum grooves ever (if you don’t believe me go and listen to the isolated drum tracks). Pure feel and such an inspiration for me as a drummer. John Bonham is probably the biggest influence on my drumming and this song personifies everything about him and led zeppelin that I love.

  1. You Think I Aint Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire  – QOTSA

Probably my second favourite band of all time. Josh Homme is an absolute beast and is probably one of the only people that I look at and think “fuck drums, I want to do what THAT guy is doing”. The whole ‘Songs For The Deaf’ album had a massive influence on me. There was a tie between this song and ‘A Song For The Dead’ for my favourite off this album but Millionaire won. The whole song is just raw, aggressive, in your face. I’d never heard someone hit the drums so hard and FELT it through a record. I still regularly listen to this album back to front and it’s always a great time.

  1. Grace – Jeff Buckley

This may seem as a random choice considering the rest of my Top 10 are heavy rock bands. Jeff Buckley for me is one of if not the greatest singer songwriter of the last 30 years. ‘Grace’ as an album is another one I can listen to back to front and still do routinely. He has such a unique voice. I was introduced to him when I was asked to play for a Jeff Buckley tribute band and ever since I’ve been obsessed and even have a tattoo of the word ‘Grace’ on my body.





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