Atheist releasing new album in 2018

Florida Technical Death Metal legends Atheist will be releasing their first album in eight years this year through Agonia Records.


Band leader Kelly Shaefer comments;

“2018 will mark our 30th year of making records. Atheist will embark on a very important album with an important new label along with a great team behind us, including Extreme Management Group. I feel confident that together, and with their anticipated dedication to bringing Atheist to a new level, the band will be poised for a crushing, new record! We cannot wait to begin this new chapter.”

Atheist were one of the original bands to combine Technical Death Metal with fusion elements, a style that went on to influence such heavyweights as Pestilence and Cynic when they both went on to make there own interpretations of the genre.

There are no details released yet regarding the new album, but for now spend some time with some classic material from Atheist and Atomsmasher will keep you updated as details emerge.


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