Megadeth’s Unleash New Video For ‘Lying In State’

Megadeth have recently released a video for their ‘Dystopia’ track Lying In State.

Now the video for the politically-charged song is out, and features footage of the band mixed with shots of katana-wielding mascot Vic Rattlehead as he comes face to face with supernatural forces in a cemetery.

Pretty cool right?

Vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine tells Rolling Stone: “When we were on tour in Sao Paulo in 2016, we filmed the Conquer Or Dievideo. We were so impressed with Brazilian award-winning director Leo Liberti, that we had him do the Lying In State video as well.

“We had several friends and fans of the band, as well as the production crew, play roles in the video.

“Huge thanks goes to guitarist Kiko Loureiro for introducing us to Leo. I especially like how bad ass Vic was with the sword. Who knew?

Megadeth will head out on the road later this year with dates planned in Mexico and also across Europe.

For more information please check out Megadeth’s official website


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