New Primordial album details/music

Renowned Irish Black Metal band Primordial have announced that they will be releasing new album Exile Amongst The Ruins on March 30th through Metal Blade Records.


This album comes four years after Where Greater Men Have Fallen, an album that continued a run of flawless albums for the band which started in 2005 with The Gathering Wilderness. Their combination of Black Metal, Doom Metal and Celtic influence has formed a truly unique sound that is lifted by a powerful vocal delivery from frontman A.A.Nemtheanga. Their choice for the first single from the new album is unconventional as it is very much a ballad from the band, but it’s still a harrowing and beautiful track;

The tracklist for Exile Amongst The Ruins is as follows;

01. Nail Their Tongues
02. To Hell or the Hangman
03. Where Lie the Gods
04. Exile Amongst the Ruins
05. Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed
06. Stolen Years
07. Sunken Lungs
08. Last Call




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