Fan’s Attempted Onstage Selfie With Converge Doesn’t Go To Plan


Would YOU stop Converge mid-set to take a selfie with the band?

No didn’t think so either…

It sounds more than a little misguided, but that’s exactly what one fan did at Converge’s gig at Cornerstone in Berkeley, California, on Tuesday night.

The video shows the fan standing next to Converge’s vocalist Jacob Bannon on stage and mid set trying to take a selfie. At the same time you can hear fans start “booing” and the band stops playing all together. Jacob Bannon, being the good person he is, just stops and has a look of annoyance on his face as bassist Nate Newton tries to get the guy off stage while drummer Ben Koller can be seen in the back voicing the same concern.

The fan then jumps into the crowd and from what we can tell, everyone just let him fall to the floor.


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Unforgivable. @converge

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