Interview with Swedish hardcore upstarts Wolves Within

Sweden has always been a phenomenal breeding ground for heavy bands, and joyfully carrying on that tradition are hardcore heavyweights Wolves Within. We were recently joined by bassist Fredrik Rosdahl to talk a bit about the band’s history as well as what they have their sights set on for the future…

For starters, who are Wolves Within?

Wolves Within is a four piece hardcore band from Sweden. We’ve been a band for one and a half years now. I handle the bass, Johan the guitar, Joakim the drums and Joel the vocals. We have all been friends for many years but it wasn’t until 2016 that we got together and started the band.

How would you best describe your sound for anyone unfamiliar with the band?

A mix between hardcore and metalcore. I think people who are fans of Raised Fist, Stick to Your Guns, Comeback Kid, Pantera and In Flames would enjoy our music.

How did the band originally form?

I founded the band during the spring of 2016. I’m heavily influenced by thrash metal and hardcore so I wanted to do project with those two genres. In the beginning of 2016 I asked the rest of the members if they wanted to join and so Wolves Within was born. We hit the studio in May 2016 and recorded our debut EP which was released in September the same year.

After that we focused on playing live and writing more music. During the spring of 2017 we released two brand new singles and followed up with a tour across Europe together with Cold Snap (Arising Empire). We ended 2017 with headlining a festival in the Netherlands which was an amazing feeling and an honour to do.

It looks like you’ve been in the studio recently – is that a hint that new material might be on the way in 2018?

At the moment we’re doing pre-production and writing new songs for our debut album. We’re looking to release new music late 2018/early 2019.

Will you be looking to change up your sound from your previous EP, or stick to a similar style?

Hard to say at the moment since we’re still in writing mode. I think that people who have been listening to us before will recognise the sound but at the same find new elements and interesting things in the new songs.

How are your touring plans looking for this year? Are you looking to head over to the UK at any point?

We have a couple of things booked at the moment, so keep a look out on your social media for updates. We would love to come to the UK and tour; no plans at the moment but the autumn/winter is still open and if we get the chance to come, we will!

If you could tour with any band, past or present, who would it be and why?

Tough question, I’m a big fan of Pantera so that would be a dream come true. At the moment I think Stick to Your Guns, Comeback Kid, Raised Fist or Parkway Drive would be a perfect fit.

What’s the one album you listen to at least once a week?

At the moment I’m listening a lot to Stick to Your Guns’ new album and also Trivium’s. Both of their albums are really good and have a lot of interesting elements in the music.

What other bands are you into at the moment?

Get The Shot, The Charm The Fury, Bleed From Within, Harmed and Cursed Earth to name a few.

Which bands were your biggest influences growing up, either individually or as a band?

Personal I would have to say Pantera and Metallica (old school ‘tallica). They had everything I want from a band. Great songs, lyrics and amazing energy both on and off stage.  For the band I would have to say that Raised Fist, Comeback Kid, Trivium and In Flames have been big influences to us all.

What do you most want to achieve in 2018?

At the moment we’re competing in the Wacken Metal Battle 2018. To win the Swedish final and go and play at Wacken Open Air would be a dream come true. Besides that we’re looking to complete our debut album and tour as much as possible.

Finally – describe Wolves Within in 3 words…

Energetic, heavy, outspoken.

Watch the video for ‘Famous Last Thoughts’ here…

You can also check out Wolves Within on Spotify and Facebook here…

Spotify – 
Facebook –

Interview & Words: Shaun Brown


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