Interview With Danish Shoegaze Band Møl

Photo by Marika Hyldmar Concert Photography

This week møl revealed their new song ‘Penumbra’ and announced details about their new album ‘Jord’ which is due to be released on 13th April via Holy Roar Records and is available to pre-order now.


We sat down with the band and asked them a few questions from how the band formed to future plans for the rest of 2018.  Here’s what the band had to say!

  • How did the band form?

The band formed in 2013 when the guitarist and drummer quit their old shoegaze. band The following years we worked on perfecting our sound and here we are today.

  • Whats the best way to pronounce Møl ?
Møl means “Moth” in danish and because “ø” dosn’t exist  in many other languages people are having a bit of a hard time pronouncing our name. Most people just end out saying “mol” which sounds pretty much the same, so thats fine with us.
  • You’ve been performing live since 2014, Whats been the most memorable show and why?
Last year we toured around Europe and we had some great shows together with our friends in Eglisé, that whole tour stands out in all our memories. Other than that we’ve played a lot of memorable shows for our fans here in Danmark. Their support will always mean a lot to us!
  • What can we expect in 2018 from you guys?
2018 is going to be crazy for us! So much planned that we hopefully soon can reveal. But to sum it up: A new album and and lot of shows around europe!
  • The new album is due to be released in April Via Holy Records whats your favourite track from your debut?
There’s a lot of great tracks on the record but one track i think we all can get behind is the title track “JORD”. It’s heavy, atmospheric and shows perfectly who we are as a band. 
  • What other bands on Holy Roar are you into at the moment?
All of them! So many great bands on that label and we’re so proud to be a part of the family. Employed to Serve made a killer album last year and Rolo Tomassi’s new stuff sound so great, so i guess those two bands right now.
  • What is the Danish music scene like and what bands are standing out at the moment?
The danish scene is small and concentrated, but there are so many talented bands here! Everyone knows each other and the support is unreal. One band to look out for is Cabal. They play extremely heavy and groove djent-ish metal. Check them out!
  • Any plans for a UK tour maybe a joint tour with fellow Holyroar band Pijn?
There a diffenately plans for a tour in the UK, but not with Pijn unfortunately. They are awesome though so maybe sometime in the future! Remember to follow us on facebook for updates on shows around the world!
  • What albums your listening to at the moment?
The list is looooong, but lately i’ve been listening a lot to Hundreth album “Rare”. It’s just such a good shoegaze record, very inspiring stuff!

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