Thuum “Through Smoke Comes Fire” Review

Through Smoke Comes Fire is the debut EP from Bournemouth Stoner/Doom crew Thuum. The band have been making waves in the UK underground with successful appearances on Bloodstock’s New Blood stage, and already have support slots with heavyweights Crowbar and Orange Goblin under their belts.

An instrumental track opens proceedings; shamanistic chanting segues into a mournful, chiming passage that conjures Crack The Skye era Mastodon and a glint of Neurosis. This atmosphere pervades until monolithic guitars hit like a landslide, setting the tone for what is to come.

Following this, Worthless wastes no time making it’s mark. A war cry bellow clears the way for a riff that charges with the power of stampeding buffalo until the groove shifts into a lumbering chorus which simply oozes NOLA sludge. Across the space of seven minutes, Thuum navigate through bone crushing grooves, tasteful musicianship and atmospheric passages, maintaining momentum and power throughout.

The pace is knocked up a gear with Hafgufa which rides roughshod on a southern swagger that will surely get necks swinging in a live setting.Tribalistic drums build a sense of menace and anticipation, before a ripping solo and striking clean vocal; the perfect counterbalance to the thunderous roar we have heard so far, soaring above the instrumentation with a triumphant power all of their own.

The EP comes to a close with Through Smoke Comes Fire. A fantastic instrumental intro encompassing a churning, sludgy riff which gives way to bold harmonies and nimble fretwork that serve flavours of Crowbar, Baroness, and The Sword while retaining a unique sonic identity. Throughout the rest of the track, Thuum flex their metallic muscle, once again breaching the seven minute mark without running short on inspiration or ideas, showing that even at this early stage they are a band deft at crafting both epic and engaging songs.

This is a highly promising debut from Thuum, and shows a band adept at melding their influences into a unique and powerful sonic statement.


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