Interview with [Spunge] Front Man Alex Copeland


2017 was a great year for me i saw so many bands i lost count. But i will never forget turning the clock back 10 years and heading down to see Spunge play at the Deaf Institue. I dont think i sang along and popped to a band as much as i did that night, it was like being back in 2007 in my Baggy jeans from Affleck cut to 3/4’s shorts and my nose pierced like Alex and my Etnies skater shoes (You know the ones – big tonnes & think laces).

I have kept in touch with Alex since the show and sent him over a few questions about the band and some of his inspirations and here’s what he had to say. Enjoy!

How did the band form? 

I heard about a band doing some bits and pieces local to me and fancied joining something… I wanted to be a guitarist… Slash was my idol … Anyway, I didn’t really know the guys doing it at the time, kind of friends of friends, but went along to the lock up they were playing at and checked it out. There was only Bass available if I wanted to join so I took that and sang backing, but after a while took the place of the singer (while still on bass) – long story short, a couple people left, couple people joined, and I enjoyed the singing part more and started doing just that… So we kind of just happened… Even our sound was a total mash up accident of all of our tastes… we didn’t set out to be a ‘whatever genre’ band at all, it just happened that way.

Whats been the highlight of the bands career so far?

Honestly… I wouldn’t be able to pick one really.. lots of different things that are amazing for different reasons… getting stoned with Greenday is a good one to tell the Grandkids for sure lol, but selling out shows on tours, getting videos on TV, having your song played on radio because it charted… and probably a thousand more that I will remember after I send you this could all be picked a s highlight… But as cheesy as it sounds, for me, the highlight is right now and how amazing it is to be able to play to a bunch of sweaty, smiling people that know your tunes after nearly 25 years playing live… that’s mind blowing.

What festival would you love to headling in the future?

I’m all about playing a set and then getting drunk with friends enjoying the rest of the festival so it doesn’t have to be the headline slot as you come off stage and it all closes lol – but ones right now… I would love to play 2000 Trees as it is local to us but never done it – and get back to play Download one day too…

What bands are you digging at the moment?

Tough one… I listen to a lot of different stuff…. Old stuff, new stuff, random stuff… but got Blink, Sublime, All American Rejects, Watsky, Panic at the Disco, 21 Pilots, Saves The Day and a load of others on my playlist at the mo… and getting to a lot more local stuff too, and I’m useless at names so I’ve heard bands I love and have no idea – awful I know!

What plans have you got for 2018? 

We tend to take a bit of time just chilling for the first month or two of the year (band wise anyway) so watch this space, but we have been talking lately about the fact it’s been a while since we put any new tunes out…

Do any of the band have any weird rituals before going on stage?

Nothing more than making sure we have more beer and vodka for on stage and giving each other that knowing smile that it’s going to be a blast…

Whats the biggest inspiration as an individual and as a band?

For me on a personal level it is when people tell us how we were the soundtrack of their youth, or got them through a shit time, or got them into music. It makes me realise that even though we don’t see it we have meaning to some people, even if that ‘meaning’ is just that they have a good time listening to us, and that we filled that part of their story – that’s huge when you think about it. Musically I just love music in all forms, it makes me feel good/bad/sad/whatever and really is something powerful so being able to do that for someone else is amazing…

Whats your favouirte venue to play and why?

Same as the highlight question… they are many and they are all good for a different reason… but if I had to pick one from throughout our time then I did have a soft spot for the London Astoria when that was still standing… loved that place. Why? Just loved the way it felt, the old ‘theatre’ feel of the place while still being a cool venue… and was a landmark place to be able to play – we actually sold it out for 2 nights in a row many years back and that, for me, was just something crazy and amazing at the same time.

What album is the one album you listen to at least once a week? 

Changes all the time – but right now I have Blink – California on a lot, partly because I downloaded it from Spotify to my phone and I’m being cheap with my data lol – but it’s a good album too … and a track or three from Sublime – 40oz to Freedom tends to pop up at least once or twice a week…


For updates on all things [spunge] please check out the bands official Facebook page HERE


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