Interview with FAUS


We sat down with Blackhouse Records latest discovery FAUS who are based in Spokane, Washington.

The bands latest single ‘Your Dirty Left Hand’ is absolute epic. Sit back press play and read what the band had to say when we asked them a few quick fire questions.


  • How did the band form? 
Mike and Ezra started playing together in 2005 after bonding over skinny jeans and hot topic tees in a tiny ass podunk town in Eastern Washington. Anthony joined in 2008. Alex joined in 2009. Some other stuff happened. People came and went. Now we do what we do now. Ya know, things and stuff.
  • What’s been the highlight of the bands career so far? 
We went on our first tour in 2010, which was mostly a 3 week drinking binge with old and newfound friends in some good ass bands, we’ve shared the stage with most of our favorite heavy acts and we even played Summer Slaughter in 2013. That was all pretty good and fun. Felt like success, too.
  • What festival would you love to be headlining in the future? 
Sasquatch or Ozzfest, because they’re always unique and we’d stand out almost too much. Hellfest and Rainfest? Ya know, the ones with bands.
  • What bands are you digging at the moment? 
Aside from heavy stuff, prolly Vince Staples, Hunny, and most anything from the 80’s. Honestly, music we write, because that’s why we started playing in the first place, to write music we enjoy.
  • What plans have you got for 2018? 
Mostly to read more books. Also, to refuse an offer from Warner, release an album in the spring, and visit some new cities.
Photo by Alicia Hauff-Concert Photographer
  • Do any of the band have any weird rituals before going on stage?
We mostly just complain a lot.
  • Whats the biggest inspiration as an individual and as a band?
Collectively, we find inspiration in our extremely tight knit group; it’s all too common for bands to be formed by business rather than friendship, and we are certainly (again almost too much) made up of the latter. Also, we all work jobs, we all hate those jobs and we all want to work for ourselves, even if it means playing music to 10 people a night. Freedom ersumshit.
  • Whats your favourite venue to play and why?
Something that isn’t in Spokane.
  • What album is the one album you listen to at least once a week?

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