Review: Ritual King – Earthrise

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive going into listening to this for review, after all the guys in Ritual King are friends who I have been fortunate enough to share a stage with on a number of occasions, however I knew i needed to review this honestly regardless of personal ties.


Luckily the guys have made it easy for me by releasing a more mature, more cohesive and quite frankly brilliant EP. The bands first outing Elixir was a great collection of high energy blues rock songs that stuck with you, but with Earthrise the band have given these new tracks more room to breathe and head in new and exciting directions.

Opening track Ideology builds with a short intro before breaking in with a signature Ritual King riff then heading into a big anthem of a chorus, but it is in the back half of this song where it really comes alive. We are thrown groovy riffs one after the other layered with some insane yet inspired guitar leads from frontman Jordan, all backed with a solid yet flowing rhythm section. This song is big, I mean REALLY big, and it is the perfect start to this release.


Tides is a classic sounding rock song that is lifted by the intricate drumming and a heavy and sharp main riff. The song is the most laid back on the album in many ways but picks it’s tone and runs with it perfectly in order to bridge this release together.

Closing track But Anyway is a weighty Blues song that is reminiscent of Black Sabbath or Corrosion Of Conformity while still being evidently Ritual King. This songs displays that the band do wear their influences on their sleeve, but always add their own flavour and often elevate these influences to a new level.

The band have managed to move forward with their sound without resorting to extreme stylistic changes musical gimmicks, but have done it with subtlety and class.

What we have here are 3 extremely well written and exceptionally performed heavy rock songs by a band that work hard and are progressing constantly…. need I say more?





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