Enecate Interview

The UK is doing very well in terms of Sludge, Doom and Death Metal, but it has recently lacked in the Black Metal department. Sure there are great bands like Wode, Inconcessus Lux Lucis and newcomers Volsung, but we need a broader scene. So when I came across the message to interview a new Black Metal band from Manchester I jumped at the chance. Let’s hear from mastermind Scot Reedy…


Tell us about how Enecate started?

Technically, the “band” started back in 2010 under the name “LARS BLACK HEART” and it consisted of myself and a friend of mine called Sven. We released an EXTREMELY low quality digital EP and it never really took off. Sven then decided he didn’t want to do the vocals anymore and didn’t have the time for the project and so I decided to go in another direction.
In 2012 I finally coined the name “Enecate” which translates to “to kill off or to destroy” the first few songs were instrumental and much more symphonic. Fast forward to 2017 and I had finally decided to put out a full EP with a new melodic black metal sound.
Do you plan live appearances with other members?
Short answer, probably not. The way I write the music and the way it’s layered means it would be a strange line-up to make it work live. Multiple guitar layers, layered vocals and very fast drums. I’d never rule it out completely, but it isn’t something I’d be looking at in the immediate future, but eventually, if people like it, who knows.

What bands have you drawn influence from when recording the EP?

I take a lot of inspiration from bands such as Borknagar, Windir and Batushka, three very different bands from the same genre

What bands/albums have you enjoyed recently?

Again, Batushka are probably one of my favourite new bands from the last few years. Their style is so unique and a breath of fresh air in the black metal scene. They only have one album so far but it is superb. I’d highly recommend it. Other than Batushka, I can’t get enough of Borknagar’s last album from 2016 Winter Thrice. It’s such an incredible album, so different to anything else you’ll find in black metal today.

What is your opinion on the local and UK black metal scene?

The UK metal scene is saturated with stoner, doom, sludge and slam etc… so black metal is still rather underground. HOWEVER when these shows do come around, they sell well and fill up fast. The atmosphere at a black metal show is unique. It’s not a place to get high, it’s not full of drunken party folk or slam dancing, crowd killing kids. It tends to be an older crowd much more interested in the music and the show. There is still a little bit of elitism within Black metal, but it isn’t as prominent in the UK as in other parts of Europe

Lyrically do you stick to specific themes or are your lyrics open to various themes?

For this particular EP, it follows the same story of an old blind man who loses faith and becomes a demon known as the black that devours all light. But in general I tend to write about Nature and Folklore

What are your plans with the band for 2018?

First step is to finish this EP and get it out there. If there’s a positive response, I will probably look into a longer release later in the year.


Check out the first 2 tracks from the band here:


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