Interview with Irish punks Lost Avenue


Photo taken by Gareth Lamrock

Are you a fan of punk, great new music and the people of Northern Ireland? If you answered yes to all of the above (or even one of them!) then Lost Avenue may be the band for you. We recently caught up with the trio to discuss their biggest influences, their touring plans for 2018 and, most excitingly, their upcoming record which is set to drop this Spring…

How did the band form?

Dylan: Me and Dualta, and me and Michael, have been in different bands together since we were 14. All of them have had the name Lost Avenue, so it just seemed to stick. When Dualta and I were about 16 we were in a band together. Michael filled in on drums for a few shows when the drummer of that particular band wasn’t able to. The three of us have been friends for about four years now. In the summer of 2015 Dualta and I parted ways with the drummer we were working with at the time and asked Michael to join.

Since then, we’ve done five UK tours, released an EP, a double A-Side, the first single from the album, and are on the cusp of releasing our first full length album and touring it extensively. This is the line-up that has done that, and will continue to do a lot more, for a long time.

What’s been the highlight of the bands career so far?

Dualta: We’ve had a lot of experiences that stand out as highlights so far. I think the last UK tour we did, due to being surrounded by good people, playing great shows and having the best time ever, was definitely a high point so far.
Dylan: Having our first single, “Killing Time,” premiered on BBC Radio One was pretty cool too! .

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What festival would you love to be headlining in the future?

Dualta: There are some darn good festivals out there but I think headlining Reading and Leeds would be a dream come true. 

What bands are you digging at the moment?

Dylan: I’m listening to a lot of acoustic stuff at the moment. I’m really buzzing off The Mountain Goats, and the new Billy Corgan album is great. Weezer too.
Dualta: The bands that I’m really into right now would be Future of the Left, NOFX, The Descendents, Pears, and like always, NoMeansNo because they’re my favourite band of all time!
Michael: Anything heavy at the minute, so bands like Every Time I Die, Defeater, The Chariot and Architects.

What plans have you got for 2018?

Dualta: We have big plans for 2018! We will be releasing our debut album in the Spring. We are also going on tour with Daggermouth, which starts mid-April. Our album will be coming out via Little Rocket Records which is a really cool label based in Sunderland, and run by Graeme Philliskirk (ex-Leatherface and Medictation). Along with them, we plan to cover as much ground as possible in regards to touring and it’s all very exciting!

Do any of the band have any weird rituals before going on stage?

Dualta: I don’t think we have any weird rituals per say, but Dylan always manages to fit in a surprising amount of cigarettes and pacing around profusely. The weird thing about this is that he does it all within about 3 minutes! 

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What’s your biggest inspiration as an individual and as a band?

Dylan: I think a single biggest inspiration is hard to call. Multiple people, including all of my family and friends, inspire me every day. I couldn’t list everyone. I’ll go for a band. Blink 182 made a huge difference for me.
Michael: Drummers like Atom Willard, Travis Barker and John Bonham inspire me. They’re drummers with serious skill and seem to really have fun and enjoy it when they play!
Dualta: Mark Hoppus. Top bass player, he likes to have a good time and he seems like a nice guy in general, like me.
Dylan: Everyone seemed to have some sort of Blink reference in their answers. Does that mean they’re the biggest inspiration?

What’s your favourite venue to play and why?

Dualta: My favourite venue that we’ve played was The Exchange in Bristol. We played there on our last tour, in December. We were set up in the coffee shop/foyer area of a 250 capacity venue, and everything about the gig was great. I hope we play there again soon because I had a ball! 
Michael: My favourite venue would have to be the Nerve Centre because it’s the place where I went to my first show with my friends and to be able to play the same stage as so many great bands, it puts it up there. 
Dylan: Picking a single favourite venue is incredibly different because I love a lot of different venues for a lot of different reasons. Naming a few: Independent in Sunderland, Exchange in Bristol, Sandinos in Derry, Nerve Centre in Derry and Bloc in Glasgow.

What album is the one album you listen to at least once a week?

Dualta: The bands and albums that I listen to regularly differentiate across time. For example, I could be listening to Jeff Rosenstock and Pup on a loop for two months, and then for the next couple of weeks I could be up to my ears in something a lot heavier, like Every Time I Die or The Chariot. Recently though, the album I’ve been listening to the most (and again it’s completely different) would be ‘Travels with Myself and Another’ by Future of the Left. I think I’ve been listening to it at least three times a week actually!
Dylan: My album choices constantly change as well, but it’s not often I go a week without listening to Blink 182’s untitled album. 
Michael: Blink 182 self-titled. 

You can check out Lost Avenue’s music below, and catch them on tour with Daggermouth this April…

Spotify –

Music video for single ‘Audrey’ –

Facebook –

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Interview & words: Ad Gosling & Shaun Brown


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