5 more UK bands we miss

The UK has some serious talent in the metal and punk scene right now, however we have lost some great bands along the way who could never quiet break through to a level where they could sustain themselves. Here is the Atomsmasher list of 5 more UK bands we so dearly miss…

Black Spiders 


These Sheffield rockers put out some balls to the wall heavy rock and roll, part Motorhead, part Thin Lizzy, these guys had it all. This Savage Land was a great album full of catchy, good time rock and roll songs. The band called it a day announced a string of farewell shows in 2017 and no drama seemed to be present, it had just simply run its course.

Murder One 


Formed by ex members of Medulla Nocte and Iron Monkey, Murder One made the nastiest and grimest sludge metal possible on their debut self titled EP. After the untimely Death of Johnny Morrow, John Loughlin of Raging Speedhorn stepped up to the plate for the debut album Some Thing Are Better Left Unsaid, but the band were not long for the world as they called it quits in 2007.

Sirens In The Delta


I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with this fuzz ridden hard rock band back in 2016 and immediately purchased the EP after a captivating live performance. The played Download Festival in 2016 and looked set for great things, and while no official announcement of a split has been made, after 18 months of social media silence things don’t look promising.



Purson were becoming the next big thing and were media darlings after the release of their stunning psychedelic debut The Circle and the Blue Door, but shortly after a lukewarm sophomore album, albeit having a few great songs, the band called it quits in 2016 with the members moving on to new projects. No concrete reason was given for the split, so who knows why we lost this intriguing band.



Mistress were the sister band of Anaal Nathrakh, and the band I preferred out of the two. They made an unholy crushing noise that combined Death Metal and Sludge with a harsh punk ethic and some interesting and controversial lyrical topics. With a very brief split announcement in 2008 we can only assume the workload for Dave Hunt and Mick Kenney with their other bands had become too much for them to sustain Mistress any longer.


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