Ten of the Best – December 2017


Watain – Sacred Damnation 

The more traditional Black Metal of the 2 Watain preview songs from Trident Wolf Eclipse and my favourite of them. This is Watain displaying that they are still linked to their early roots.

Tribulation – Lady Death

A more direct, less epic track than The Lament, but still brilliant and with a very post punk vibe and an infectious lead guitar line. It seems Tribulation could very well drop the best album of 2018 very early on.

Pestilence – Multi Dimensional 

A tech death flavour covers the intro of this song but once we cut deep into the track we get some quality Death/Thrash riffing that should have fans of the classic Consuming Impulse lifting their heads and once again paying attention.

Crashdïet – We Are The Legion 

Often cited as the best modern glam band, Crashdïet return with a new singer and a fresh sound. It may have less bite than previous material but it makes it up it the catchy and anthemic department.

Lucifer – Faux Phoroah 

Lucifer have become essential in the Doom scene in recent years, and this new track cements that. The grimy blues riffs perfectly complemented by soaring and soulful vocals, this looks set to be a phenomenal album.

Orphaned Land – Like Orpheus

This huge and emotional epic is a solid return from Orphaned Land, and we even treated to a guest spot from Hansi Kursh of Blind Guardian which just elevates this beautiful song to a whole new level.

End – Nessecary Death

This is a monster of a Hardcore track from End. Total uncompromising brutality but still crafted into a cohesive song that is driven forward by those huge crusty riffs.

Iperyt – Checkmate, God!

This blackened Industrial minefield of a song is equal parts confusing and fascinating, and on repeated listens it becomes extremely likeable. Iperyt are certainly producing unique and thought provoking music.

The Mild – Catharsis

The Mild are anything but what their name would suggest. This crust influenced piece of Grindcore is a short swift punch to the head and they’e doing a great job of being as noisy and aggressive as possible.

Atomwinter – Necromancer

This crushing track is everything you would want from a Death Metal Track, chainsaw guitars, demon vocals and machine gun drumming that all make a brutal and amazing song.





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