Gnaw Their Tongues announce new album

Normally I would start a post with; Dutch (insert genre here) band release new….. but Gnaw Their Tongues defy any genre category, and with the quality of music they release they are also above being categorised.


The common link between all of their releases is that it is some of the most harrowing and disturbing music in existence, and more often than not its amazing. These are hints of Black Metal, industrial, ambient and noise but these elements are blended in a way that they defy convention.

To the joy of the extreme music world the band have announced they will be releasing a new album on February 9th through Consouling Sound records. The upcoming album Genocidal Majesty will be the first full length from the band since 2016, but they do release EP’s and split material on a regular cycle.


The first preview song The Doctrine of Paranoid Seraphims can be heard below;


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