Introduction to LHP Merch


LHP is a boutique store for the weird and wonderful , The site stock shirts by your favorite artists, but are also going to be stocked with wall to wall of rare imports and bespoke items, ranging from records to rucksacks and even incense burners.

LHP Merch will even offer regulars monumental discounts, and can also track down items that you’re looking for, stock it and sell it, and if they can’t find it, they’ll goddamn make it themselves – Where else can you find a bong made by your favorite artist eh?

LHP specialises in merchandise facilitation from start to finish. In fact, they are the only provider on the market able to offer contactless payment terminals to artists who stock with them and our terminals work almost everywhere. How good is that?

You will also find LHP at festivals and various shows, usually spontaneous and occasionally planned so keep your eye out for LHP Stalls and representatives when your next at a show.

Now where is that pink Leeched tshirt we wanted…

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For more information about LHP and the products they sell aswell as their services please head over to the official site :


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