Interview with Black Moth

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Its was a great pleasure to sit down with Dave and Dom from Black Moth and ask them a few quick fire questions. And here’s what the lads had to say.

But first things first! Here’s the bands latest music video for track ‘MoonBow’ .

  • How did the band form?
Dave: We formed from the ashes of The Bacchae creating heavier riffs we thought that a move to something new was needed.
Dom: I joined the Bacchae in around 2008 but wasn’t really happy playing in a garage rock band as I always wanted to play heavier music. So basically I deliberately brought heavier drumming and even wrote a couple of songs such as Howl at the Moon in an attempt to move the band towards a heavier sound. Eventually it came the point when we realised we were a different band and formed Black Moth.
  • What’s been the highlight of the band’s career so far?
Dave: Probably playing alongside L7 and being on tour with Red Fang across Europe. L7 has always been a band in Harriet’s heart and she is pen pals with the singer, they are such friendly people. Red Fang are just great people to be with, fun guys to dink with and we all share our love for pizza. I love pizza.
Dom: For me personally playing at Damnation Festival and Bloodstock. Damnation festival is an incredible celebration of extreme metal in my hometown and was amazing to play it. People couldn’t get in to see us as the room was so busy! Hopefully we can play again the future.
  • What festival would you love to headline in the future?
Dave: Metaldays in Slovenia is one awesome looking festival, that would be awesome to headline a stage. I’ve seen pictures of that place and our guitar tech has been loads, I want to jump in the backstage pools and feel like I’m a king.
Dom: Well headlining and playing at are two different things. Obviously our dream would be to one day headlining such festivals as Desert Fest, Bloodstock, Roadburn etc.
  • Which bands are you digging at the moment?
Dave: New Electric wizard album is cool, liking that necromania song, propper riff-tastic. A new band I have started to listen to is BABYTEETH, they have a song out called Siamese Twin. I saw them live in October and I think they are going to go places.
Dom: A lot of new black metal for me, English bands Fen and the Infernal Sea are incredible. Also Mgla, Taake, Wolves in the Throne Room, Behemoth.
  • What’s the plan for 2018 other than the tour in Feb? 
Dave: Well the main thing is the Anatomical Venus Release but we also have a couple of big shows that will be announced soon and a big tour support in the pipeline.
  • How’s 2017 treated you as a band and what’s been the highlight? 
Dave: 2017 has mainly been getting the next album together and perfected, we actually recorded the album December last year (2016) but its taken most of 2017 getting it mixed and the artwork sorted, now we are all happy with it its now ready to be unleashed on the world, literally.
Dom: 2017 was mostly about working towards getting the new album out. However playing Bloodstock this summer was definitely a massive highlight of not only 2017 but our career.
  • Do you have any weird rituals before going on stage?
Dave: Glass of red wine or red wine and coke (the drink) for Harriet.
Dom: Nothing weird really apart from often having to track down missing band members moments before stage time!!
  • What’s been your biggest inspiration as an individual and as a band?
Dave: It would have to be Toni Iommi and Sabbath, that man is amazing hand has been through some tough times.
Dom: Individually Bill Ward from Black Sabbath and John Bonham are my main influences behind my playing. Also Brad Wilk from RATM I love hard hitting drummers who focus on groove and power. As a band we all have very different influences and inspirations from black metal to thin lizzy to 60’s pop and everything in between,  so I guess its a big melting pot of those.
  • What’s your favourite venue to play and why? 
Dave: The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds will always be in our hearts, it’s such a warm place and incredible to play there.
Dom: I second that, but would also add playing at Koko in London was pretty amazing and probably the best live sound we have ever had.
  • What album is the one album you listen to at least once a week?
 Dave: Red Fang – Murder the mountains
Dom: Behemoth – Evangelion

You can catch Black Moth on tour with Grave Lines next month when they head out on a UK Tour.


7th Feb – Bright Hope & Ruin

8th Feb – London Boston Music Rooms

9th Feb – Manchester Rebellion

11th Feb – Glasgow Garage Attic

12th Feb – Newcastle The Cluny 2

13th Feb – Birmingham Mama Roux’s


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