Introduction To Polish Post-Rock Band PostNatura


PostNatura are a Polish post-rock band who’s debut self-titled album was released back in December last year.

The band was founded in 2013 by current band member, guitarist – Daniel Świderski . The first line-up also included bass player – Jacek Lasota , who shared the stage with Daniel in a previous group called 13%. Soon the duo was strengthened by the joining of drummer – Piotr Sztachelski.

From the very beginning the band’s style was influenced by post-rock, metal, and folk. The band felt something was missing with the music so they introduced expressive visualizations to their shows which was created by VJ Bogusław Buczyński.

Right after the bands debut performance in spring 2014, the band gave a special show with an original interpretation of scenes from the silent movie “Nanook of the North” by Robert Flaherty (1922).

Concert, photo by Beata Wiòniowska.jpg

The band worked on releasing the debut EP in 2014 but once the drummer left they felt it wasn’t the right time. PostNatura faced the challenge of finding a member stylistically suited to the music played at the time. The choice fell on Stanisław Dubowik , with whom Jacek and Daniel knew each other from previous bands.

The band have played a handful of shows in Poland and now plan to head to Europe.

Watch this space PostNatura are going to surprise many a music fan…



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