Hundred Year Old Man – Rei

Leeds based post-metal band Hundred Year Old Man had a great 2017, joining Gizeh Records, playing Bloodstock Festival and releasing their debut single Black Fire, and will be surging into this new year with the release of their new EP Rei. 

While listening to Rei it has brought to mind some of my favourite post-metal bands like Isis and Cult of Luna, and it may only be 2 full songs and an ambient piece to bridge the gap, but there is still plenty to gain and enjoy within this short release.


Opening track Sun & Moon is definitely the highlight for me, as the band manage to blend beautifully a calming auroa by using a tranquil bass line lying underneath, with soaring electronic soundscapes in the latter half of the track, but layer it with harsh guitars and vocals that create a dense and heavy effect. Crafting a song that can create two completely different moods at once is no easy feat, but HYOM pull it off with class.

Not much can be said about A Year In the North Sea, however it does successfully serve the purpose of an interesting way to bridge the two songs beside it, and is certainly a competent piece of ambient drone music.


With The closing title track we are greeted with some dark and spine tingling electronic led intro music before the band go into about all out heavy assault, and while the track does dip back and forward between these two points throughout, the song has obviously been carefully written to ensure these transitions flow very smoothly. Due to disharmonic guitar chords and it’s weighty plod this song has a very harrowing and disturbing vibe, and is simply brilliant.

While this is my first exposure to HYOM, they are a band that will be very much on my radar. This EP is expertly executed by a group of guys that clearly know their post-metal, and as a unit they thrive.


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