Conjurer – ‘Mire’ Review

In the past couple of years Conjurer have become a regular name in the UK underground music scene, and now the release of Mire seems set to be the release that can propel them to bigger things.

The first thing you notice with Mire is how much is actually going on in this EP, however his is no bundled together mess but rather a rich, detailed and cohesive listening experience.

Conjurer 063.JPG

The band blend heavy Sludge, frantic Death Metal blasts, punchy Hardcore, and even some bleak Black Metal style guitar and present all of this seamlessly, and there is nothing better than when on scattered moments in the release they place in some stunning twin guitar licks that scream out a Mastodon influence.

Conjurer Mire 1440x1440.jpg

This EP is subtle and withdrawn when it needs to be; portions of Hollow being a perfect example of this, but they never pull the punches when it comes to being pummelling and heavy; the final 2 minutes of Hadal showcase this and are also the highlight of this release for me.

Conjurer don’t exactly reinvent the wheel here, but in a sludge scene that is getting ever busier and some may say saturated, they come through with an album that takes some risks and never sits back and plays it safe, and by doing so they have naturally shown themselves to be deserved leaders of the new UK scene. When a band can make music as grim and as murky as this so vibrant and engaging, you know they’ve got a winning formula.



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