Misfits ban mobile phones at reunion show, people take photos anyway



Misfits’ classic lineup of Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein recently reunited for two shows.

The shows took place on December 28 in Las Vegas and December 30 at the Forum in Inglewood, California, and fan-filmed footage of the latter has now surfaced on YouTube.

The use of mobile phones at shows has become an increasingly debated topic after bands like A Perfect Circle banned phones from their live shows in an effort to keep fans present and in the moment. Even Brian Moloko kicked off at a recent Manchester date.

Misfits announced they too would be following a similar protocol for their upcoming reunion show, but took things a step further by announcing they would actually be locking up fans’ phones once they got to the venue.

ThePRP reported a couple week ago that Misfits would be using special technology to have fans lock away their phones in a Yondr case to prevent them from taking any photos and videos during their reunion show.


There were select areas where mobile phone use was allowed, but anyone caught using their phones during the performance would be removed from the venue.

But much to no one’s surprise, fans snuck their phones in anyway (or broke them out of the pouches), taking hundreds of photos and videos despite the band’s strict “no cell phone” policy.

If you search the hashtag “#misfits” on Instagram you’ll find hundreds of photos and videos from fans who attended the reunion show, along with some hilarious captions.


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