Interview With Atmospheric Doom Band Ixion


How did the band form? Ixion was born in 2004, when I started to compose some music mixing my different musical influences : metal and especially doom metal on one side, and atmospheric – electronic music on the other side. Thomas, who was also interested in funeral doom and atmospheric black metal, joined quickly, after we met via internet. And finally, Yannick, who was a friend of Thomas, became our third member in 2009, to introduce some clean vocals. But he also bring his production skills. For our new album we have worked as a duo, Yannick and myself.

What’s been the highlight of the band’s career so far?
I really think we’re improving album after album, so I’m not sure I can isolate one particular event. But I would say the first reactions after the release of Enfant de la Nuit were quite stunning for us, because we though (and I still think so) this album was a new step for us.

 What festival would you love to headline in the future?
I’d love both to play in front of a “specialised” audience (for example in festivals such Madrid is the Dark) or in front of a more broad-based audience. Not everyone like our musical identity (and it’s likely our audience is quite small in fact), but its cinematographic impact seems to be recognized by a lot of persons.

 Which bands are you digging at the moment? I must say I’m not aware of the new bands in the metal scene at this time. I’m more interested by the synthwave fairly new projects, or some recent releases from Steven Wilson, Ulver, Depeche Mode, JM Jarre… But I still listen a lot to my personal classics in the metal scene, some funeral, doom-death, and gothic mainly. I also like a lot the latest releases from Katatonia, Dark Tranquility and Amorphis for example.

What’s the plan for 2018 can we expect a EP or Album? 
2018 is a blank page for us ! That did not happen for 4 years, and it’s quite exciting in fact, because I have collected a lot of idas and fragments for new tracks, and its’ going to be a creative time ! So this means there won’t be a new release before 2019.

If you could release a split EP with any band who would it be and why? 
Good question… We have shared the idea with another french band but we haven’t found the time… In any case, it would be a band playing some atmospheric music too, because I think our music can only fits into some vast musical universes.

What’s been your biggest inspiration as an individual and as a band? As an individual, I’m inspired by different things : music of course, but also science-fiction in books and films, and nature (I love to walk in natural landscapes, and to take some photos).

As a band, our common influences are musical mainly, with bands like Sigur Ros (post-rock) or Archive (trip-hop/prog-rock/electronic) !
Globally I would speak about a panel of inspirations, because our work is really a combination of different trends.

What album is the one album you listen to at least once a week? I can’t find one album that dominates the others… but I can perhaps build a short-list, to live on an island… Here goes… 
Paradise Lost – Draconian Times & In Requiem
My Dying Bride – The light at the end of the world & Songs of darkness…
Swallow the Sun – from The morning… to New Moon
Draconian – Arcane rain falls
Sigur Ros – ( ) & Takk
Steven Wilson – Hand can not erase
Pink Floyd – Pulse
Archive – Controlling crowds & Restriction
JM Jarre – Oxygene Trilogy, Equinoxe & Chronologie
M83 – Hurry up we’re dreaming



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