Interview with Brandon Kellum of American Standards



Its great to of sat down and chatted with Brandon on all things American Standards who are from Phoenix, Arizona. The four-piece founded in 2011 released their most emotionally and socially poignant album to date this year. But more on that later!

Here’s what he had to say when we asked him a few questions and found out a little bit more about his band America Standards!


How did the band form?

American Standards came together after our past bands had fallen apart. I think we all had the same mindset when approaching a new project but we all held our cards pretty close on what we wanted it to actually sound like. I was pushing more of a punk/rock n roll vibe while the other guys were going for a 2000s hardcore or metalcore thing. I think we landed somewhere in the middle and I couldn’t be more happy about the compromise.

What’s been the highlight of the band’s career so far?

This interview… or really anytime that someone decides to spend their valuable time on 4 subpar musicians just trying to do our thing.

What festival would you love to headline in the future?

I think we can really make an impression at the Electric Daisy Carnival. First impressions are everything.

Which bands are you digging at the moment?

There’s so many out there that are showing us up at the moment. I highly recommend listening to Sharptooth, The University Of South Vietnam School Of Warfare, Sustainer, Circle Back, MouthBreather and Gigantes. Really anything on this Spotify playlist that we recently put together;

What’s the plan for the rest of the year and 2018?

We’ll probably ride these last couple weeks out by eating too much while watching food network and making New Years Resolutions that we know we won’t keep. For 2018, we’re shifting back into the writing process for a new release and the. our first larger tour of the year through the Pacific Northwest in March.

How’s 2017 treated you as a band and what’s been the highlight? 

2017 was too good to us. It seemed to be the year of 10 year anniversaries and reunion tours that had us sharing the stage with bands like Zao, Eighteen Visions, Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path, He Is Legend and The Number 12 Looks Like You.

Do you have any weird rituals before going on stage?

We sacrifice a few beers for the metal gods then slap a high five or two. We’re still not quite Katy Perry status in our popularity so maybe we should amp up those rituals.

What’s been your biggest inspiration as an individual and as a band? 

My father would definitely be one. *pause for collective “awes” of the readers* The guy worked harder then anyone I know on anything he put his mind to. It didn’t matter what was thrown his way, he always just made things work and didn’t complain once about it. As a band, it’s maybe the artists that have that same mentality. Bands that get out there and put in work to make things happen. I really respect that.

What’s your favourite venue to play and why? 

Whoever’s giving us the most drink tokens. Honestly though, we’re very much a plug and play band. We don’t need much. So when we look at venues, our favorites are more often about the people at them. Seventh Circle Music Collective in Denver, Metro Bar in Salt Lake City and The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix all have a staff that treat us better then we deserve.

What album is the one album you listen to at least once a week?

Toxicity by System Of A Down

ANTI-MELODY” released on April 28th, 2017 displays the metalcore outfits ability to navigate the troubled waters of depression and loss while still incorporating the social commentary that the band has become known for. More so, once signed to an imprint of Victory Records, the band took a new approach of self mixing, producing and independently releasing the album after recording at Kingsize Soundlabs (Mars VoltaLetliveBad Religion). The result is a raw and powerfully resonate glimpse into the group’s minds during the troubled times.

Now more focused then ever, American Standards has hit the road playing over 300 DIY booked shows to date, sharing the stage with bands such as; Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Eighteen Visions, Zao, Comeback Kid, Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path, Knocked Loose, He Is Legend, Emery and Atreyu.

ANTI-MELODY which had premiers on Revolver Magazine, Alternative Press and Lambgoat; is available now on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon and Spotify or you can pick it up along with exclusive merchandise through the American Standards Bandcamp page.




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