Top ten songs of 2017 – Iain from Kringer and the Battle Katz

We took some time to speak to Iain Wright from Manchester’s very own party metal troupe Kringer and the Battle Katz and found out the ten songs that have stuck with him this year…

Ok, so here’s the thing. I was asked by Atom Smasher to write about my 10 albums of 2017, but I don’t really listen to albums all the way through. I know, I’m a philistine. From being young and getting my first album, I get round to songs in my own time. Back in the days of file-sharing, I used to say if I liked three songs from an album I’d spend the money on the album and justified it to myself that way. The songs I’m choosing have been released in 2017, so I can’t count any Billy Ocean or Toto and the like despite songs by those artists playing a significant part of my listening year.

Creeper – Poison Pens

I’d gone into town to pick up some bits when I saw post on my facebook from Liam who’s in Relics (Word to Relics).He said the album this song comes from was a perfect mix of My Chemical Romance, Meat Loaf and AFI and that ticked so many boxes for him. Intrigued (and seeing they’d played in Manchester a few weeks prior) I checked the album out. It’s really good, but this song is the gem for me. The moment this song starts it just goes. An obese chorus and catchy as fuck. I did listen to the whole of this album by the way. Gutted I missed them in December.


Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

No, I’m not joking. This fucking shitty song followed me around on my recent holiday and I hate it. Every time I look back on my holiday to America now I’ll have this song attached to those memories which pisses me off no end. I haven’t listened to the album.

The Black Dahlia Murder  – Widowmaker

I heard this while waiting for public transport in the middle of a bus strike. I was trying to get to a band practice in Salford and was nearly an hour late but as soon as I heard this and the rest of Nightbringers (yes, I listened to the whole of this album), I didn’t care. I love the gleeful speed the band play at, I could never hope to emulate it and don’t really want to. One of my favourite albums ever is Miasma and this comes close I think.

The Working Man – Lizard Fingers

The Working Man are one of the most talented bands I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Period. Lizard Fingers, and the accompanying video showcases them firing on all cylinders. Darkly funny lyrics, delivered under a riff that swoops into view and wheedles its way into your head. Their live show is amazing.

Redeye Revival – Liver Shot

Redeye Revival are one of the most talented bands I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Period. I just wish we hadn’t got so bladdered before we played with them. We were a mess and they were fantastic. Lovely guys too. Brilliant song that smashes things to bits, and the recording really gives you a sense of what its like watching them live.

Every Time I Die – Didn’t Want To Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway

Urrrrf, this song is lip-bitingly brilliant. I love Every Time I Die, they’re just bat-shit crazy! So inventive and brutal. It twists and turns through the duration as Mr Buckley barks nonsense. It’s really inspiring to hear and I try to incorporate that rampant streak into my own playing. Yes, I listened to the whole album. It Remembers on this same album has a riff that stomps to fuck!
Church Of The Cosmic Skull  – Mountain Heart

This is a perfect example of me getting on the bandwagon way too late. I saw all the Noiz Promotions posts about them playing Manchester and all the wonderful support bands they’d got for it and completely just passed it by until I saw the pics of all the punters dressed in white for it. That’s when I checked the album out and this, banger of bangers. That guitar tone on the intro, smoother than Errol Brown. I kick myself every time I hear it because I knew full well the gig was going on and didn’t bother getting a ticket. It’s a popular tour anthem for us when we’re getting to shows too.

Run The Jewels – Call Ticketron

I went to Porto for a music festival earlier this year. To be honest I just agreed to go because I’d not been to Porto before and had forgotten about the festival part. The only bands I knew were playing were Justice and Against Me! and I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the rest of the bill. Oh, how wrong I was. Run The Jewels came out and blew the park to bits. They were hands-down the best bit of the whole festival. Even Phantom pt.2 by Justice couldn’t top it. I saw Swans while I was there too, and they good if you like that kind of thing. No, I haven’t listened to the rest of the album. Or Swans.
The Unthanks – Magpie

I first heard this wonderful song when it showed up on the BBC show Detectorists. I love folk music, especially when it’s as dark as this. The harmonies, and how their voices fit together as a unit is superb. The lyrics are simple and fantastic, I never thought a scraggy little bird, and the people effectively worshipping it would creep me out. I’m fascinated with all the weird and creepy shit people used to do centuries ago, when they didn’t know any better and were terrified of the world. I find the rest of The Unthanks’ stuff to be hit and miss. Sometimes, one of the singer’s voices irritates me. I hear it and I roll my eyes.

Hoofknuckle – Burn You Away

I couldn’t do a 2017 list and not mention my dudes in Hoofknuckle! Hoofknuckle are one of the most talented bands I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Period. They have just released an E.P and you should all buy it and love it. We got booked together and Hoofknuckle made my jaw drop. They have melded this mix of crowbar heavy smush to faster brutalness and it’s fucking brilliant. More people need to see them and book them to play stuff. They are lovely guys too, a great laugh.

Honourable Fucking Mentions
There’s a few things that have come out that I am compelled to mention but I haven’t been able to pick a definitive song I wanted to use. Converge are always a favourite but I’ve not processed the album properly yet, Corrosion of Conformity have released two average sounding songs from their upcoming album, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention The Art of Manipulation from Ward XVI. They were the winners of Bloodstock from the accounts I’ve seen and they deserve it. Lots of people praising this album as well. We got to support them twice over Halloween weekend and they sound brilliant. I promised to buy a copy when we played with them in July but I had to shoot off and I was skint when we supported them. I really need to buy a copy. I’m buying a copy.


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