6 UK Death Metal bands you need to hear

Death metal in the United Kingdom has a rich history of highly influential bands; Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Carcass and Napalm Death to name just a few.

Modern day bands are breaking through and gaining the attention of the metal scene with acts like Venom Prison and Foetal Juice leading the charge, but what of the underground?

Here are Atomsmasher’s 6 UK Death Metal bands you need to hear…



Hailing from Cheshire, these guys perform a style of Death Metal that really does earn that ‘old school’ tag. Combining the filthy sound of classic Autopsy with riffing reminiscent of Dismember, this band are an absolute must for any long time Death Metal fan.


Repulsive Vision 


Cumbria’s Repulsive Vision are making waves in the UK scene and overseas with an appearance earlier this year at the legendary Las Vegas Death Fest. With a sound that echos early Death and Morbid Angel it’s little surprise that this band are breaking US shores.


Triverse Massacre


Triverse Massacre take Death Metal in the vein of early Decapitated, throw in Black Dahlia Murder vibes, laced with plenty of thrash riffing and the result is an unholy barrage of noise. If you like your Death Metal slick, tight and precise then this is the band for you.


Vomit Coffin


Never has a name suited a band so well. This is ugly, rotten Death Metal at its finest, and featuring some of the most gruesome vocals within the UK scene today. As the newest band on this list they are certainly one to watch.




Derbyshire’s Repulsive are doing the classic Swedish sound more justice than any other band in the UK at the moment. Think of ‘Into the Grave’ and ‘Like an Everflowing Stream’ and this will be the perfect band to add to your album collection.


All Consumed FB_IMG_1503774262958

It seemed a little rude not to add my band! And the reason I joined is these guys write uncompromising Death Metal comparable to the likes of Benediction and Obituary, and do a fine job if I may say so myself.







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