Interview with Justin Pearson 

It’s always great to catch up with one of your idols and ask them a few questions. Sit down and grab yourself a coffee or something stronger and read what Justin had to say when I asked him a few questions…

What’s Your Biggest Inspiration ?

This is a tough question. The biggest would seem to be something simple like clean air, or laughter, or the exchange of raw energy. But I assume you mean something musical. If so, I have no one biggest inspiration. With music, or art in general, there are some many different facets that are inspirational. The musicianship of bands like Nomeansno, Discordance Axis, Zs, Warsawwasraw, etc. Or the style of The Birthday Party, Celebration, or Silent. Or perhaps the fact that bands and artists like Drive Like Jehu or perhaps Antony and the Johnsons just rule all around could all be listed as inspiration. But what is way more interesting is why do I dig that stuff? What in this world that I live in draws me to this type of art? But then again, we are looking into a huge wormhole. This is a massive topic when considering the stuff I just mentioned.

What’s been the highlight of your career…?

Can we please discuss this once it’s over? I will hopefully have an accurate answer at that juncture.

What’s been the best venue/festival you’ve played and why? 

There are a handful of venues that have a special energy. I’m not exactly sure why, but places like The Che Café, The Smell, The Black Lodge… they all have something that is special and something that you can’t just have by adding a stage, or a mural, or promoter. But it’s those venues, and others like those, which change peoples’ lives, and even save people’s lives. Those are the best ones.

What bands or albums are you digging at the moment? 

Doomsday Student, Panicker, Author and Punisher, Joan of Arc, Metz, and many more.

How did you and Dead Cross get together…?

If luck existed, it would have been luck. But perhaps it is chance, or maybe something we are unaware of in the universe. But the boring logistical answer would be Ross Robinson had Lombardo and Crain work on a session that I also was on, which was for a singer songwriter. So it was a series of events that led to us all being in the same room jamming that was the ignition for starting the band.

What’s your favourite Locust moment…? 

Once this dick hole was heckling me, calling me “faggot” and other poorly thought out names to call someone. I had wit and said a bunch of stuff that made him feel uncomfortable about his sexuality, all the time while I was wearing hot pants, a mesh vest with nothing ender it, and goggles. He wasn’t sure how to react to me combating his antics, and after I made the audience laugh at him, he spat on me. It hit me right below my neck and the glob of phlegm slit down into my vest. He immediately cocked his head back laughing hysterically as I without missing a beat spat back at him, straight into his mouth, but with force so it went all the way in, smacking against the back of his throat. It seemed like the end of Star Wars Episode 4: A New hope, when Luke blows up the Death Star. But with spit, somewhere in upstate New York.

Any plans to come to the UK and tour…? 

Nothing at this exact moment, but I assume yes, in due time.

Do you have any weird rituals before playing a gig? 


📸 Credit – Becky DiGiglio


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