Interview with Wormrot & 10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Guitarist Rasyid Juraimi


Inbetween playing 3 shows in 24hrs at Glastonbury 2017, I managed to ask the band if they had time to get involved with Atom Smasher Music Blog.

Earlier this month I did a small introduction to the three piece grindcore band from Singapore so I had to follow it up right…?

Here’s what Rasyid had to say…

How did the band form? 

Arif and i were primary school friends who’d lost contact and reunitied when I came across his independent distro around 2007. We came to meet and he invited me to play guitar for a band he was forming with some friends. We invited our first drummer, Fitri, to play for drums after a few weeks and we’ve stuck to each other for almost 7 or 8 years until Fitri dropped out and Vijesh came in.

What’s been the highlight of the band’s career so far?

I’m not sure what are the specific highlights that might define our experience as a band, but being able to tour around the world and play to receptive fans and listeners has always been our drive. To play for them at the end of the night, it’s the highlight of the day, everyday when you’re on tour.

What festival would you love to headline in the future?

Headline? That’s a tall order, dude. we’re lucky to be playing ANY festivals. We’re good to play for any festivals, may it be Glastonbury, Brutal Assault or Psycho Las Vegas.

Which bands are you digging at the moment?

I’m not current with my music, i keep going back to older albums which i loved or missed out on first time round. And i usually listen when i’m drving so i’d rather have something that i already know. Currently digging Municipal Waste, early Paramore and Black Sabbath.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2017?

We have a yet-to-be-announced show in Singapore in August, a Taiwan show, an Indonesia show, and a short Korea/Japan tour near October.

Do you have any weird rituals before going on stage?

I drink and try to chill out.

What’s been your biggest inspiration?

Definitely my mum for her tenacity. She’s been a housewife for so many years, but after my dad’s passing she decided to go back to work at 60 years of age.


Thank you Rasyid for taking time out to answer my quick fire questions. Now read on and find out what he had to say regarding “10 Tracks That Changed My Life

Top 10 tracks that changed my life (in no order):

1. Metallica – Battery. This song is no bullshit all aggression, dude. Their first 3 albums affect my writing and playing tremendously.

2. System of a Down – Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover). If you’re not doing anything radically different with your cover, then you shouldn’t. That’s been my philosophy and this is a perfect example.

3. Dillinger Escape Plan – 43% Burnt. Saw the music video of this in a shop, didn’t tell my friends about it, like it’s a secret.

4. Deftones – My Own Summer. It’s possible to write riffs in modern music. Our drummer Vijesh and i often cover this song for practice during our studio sessions.

5. Paramore – Born For This. I’ve always have a soft spot for this excellent song from an excellent band which i still listen to this day. Our ex-drummer Fitri also is a big fan of Paramore and you can hear it in his drum play.

6. Black Sabbath – Supernaut. This is one of those divine riffs i’ll always worship. Everything in the song only serves that godly riff.

7. Sepultura – Mass Hypnosis. Possibly the first track i heard from them. They taught me how to write songs with the 0 and 6th fret.

8. Bee Gees – Tragedy .Personally, this is the song that defines them as a BAND.

9. Offsprings – The Meaning of Life. One of the fastest songs i listen to when i was in secondary school (high school). IXNAY > SMASH any fucking day.

10. Grand Funk Railroad – Inside Looking Out. This will always remind me of my late dad.


Thank You Wormrot & manager Azean for taking time out to grab a quick chat with me.


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