10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Vinnum Sabbathi


I’ve been following Mexican band Vinnum Sabbathi for a few months now since listening to the debut album ‘Gravity’. The band are currently on a European tour and i managed to ask them if they would like to contribute to “10 Tracks That Changed My Life” .But in fact it’s the very first full band contribution in which they wrote down two tracks each. Here’s what they chose on a break during gigging.


When I was 14 years old I discovered Pink Floyd only because I liked the artwork of “The Wall” and so I bought the CD, after listening to the album I instantly became a fan and shortly after that I found The Dark Side of the Moon which instantly blew my mind. After that I discovered many rock bands and at the same time inspired me to grab a guitar and start playing. Now that I think about it I must say that Pink Floyd is an very important inspiration in the use of samples, ambient sounds, and voice loops in songs also tiding the end of a song with the beginning of the next one.
When I started digging in the heavy and slow bands, thanks to my brother Roman. I discovered this amazing duo from Boston called 5ive (later 5ive’s Continuum Research Project) and I thought straight away they had something unique in the way of making music that really got me and inspired me in my way of playing guitar. They mix clean and repetitive sounds with huge distorted walls of sound which I really enjoy.


1- Doctor Please – Blue Cheer
When I started listening to music I discovered heavy bands from the 70’s like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, MC-5 etc. But then I discovered Blue Cheer. I listened to Summertime Blues and my mind was opened, but when I put Doctor Please on everything changed for me: I couldn’t believe it, that sound was really heavy and psych, a perfect combination to me, so I started to search occult bands from the 70’s and I discovered other bands like: Toad, San Francisco’s Shiver, Capitan Beyond, Truth and Janey, etc. But after that I asked to myself: are there any heavy bands like this nowadays? so I started to search and I found the Stoner Rock & Doom, that changed everything for me, I discovered a new world, a new scene and something new to believe in, because rock and roll is not dead.
2- One Inch Man – Kyuss

After I found bands from the 70’s I decided to find current bands who have heavy and psychedelic riffs, so a close friend told me about a band called Kyuss, from California…. I searched and I eventually found a video called One Ich Man and ohhhh man, the sound was amazing super heavy, slow and psychedelic. Immediately I found the records and I shared with my brother Juan and that changed it all for us, we discovered a new world, a new sound and something new to believe like a religion. The Stoner Rock saved us and gave us something new to believe in.


1. Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin

I think this song speaks for itself, however it has a very influential story on me as a drummer. When I started playing drums (around 13 years old) a friend told me that there once was a guy called John Bonham, his band was called Led Zeppelin, without knowing what was going to come up I gave them a listen. The first time I heard Moby Dick it just blew my mind away, no words to describe it, but I can just say that I wanted to make my drum kit speak in a similar way to that one of Bonham, I know it was (and still is) a long shot, however it changed my life, no doubt.

2. Chameleon – Truckfighters
Phi was one of the first albums that I listened when I started listening fuzzy stoner rock, and I think is probably one of my top favourite albums. Chameleon is just a master piece for me, I think Mr Pezo is also a very influential drummer for me not just for the drumming, but also for the snare and cymbal sound that I think it enriches considerably the sound of a heavy riffin’ band. Another thing that I admire is that even if there is 1 person or 10000 people you just need to give it your all on stage and to enjoy what you are doing no matter what, and man, I love doing this. Meeting Tamayo bros and Sam was one of the best things that could ever happen, not just because we became close friends that could talk about this bands but also because we manage to play something that we all liked and even better to give every single inch of us when we are playing music no matter what… I think this is something that I won’t stop doing for the rest of my life…


1.-N.I.B. – Black Sabbath
When I was 13 years old Black Sabbath was one of the first bands that I ever heard, they made me get into heavy music and they’ve also were an inspiration for me to start playing music for the first time…

2.-Mexicola – Q.O.T.S.A.
When i started to play heavy music i meet a friend wich had a band called Powertrip and he showed me the first album of Q.O.T.S.A. I played with him for a while and this was the first song I ever played…

Massive thank you to the Vinnum Sabbathi lads for this as I know they’ve struggled with wifi on tour.

The band reach the UK leg of their tour on the 7th July.




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